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Five-A-Side: Susannah Collins

Susannah Collins is a soccer host and reporter for CBS. For the last seven years, Susannah worked for Major League Soccer where she wore many hats for the league. Her duties included hosting podcasts and gameday content, conducting sit down interviews, sideline reporting, riding jet skis with soccer players on the Hudson River and getting a tattoo on camera. Susannah is a massive fan of Liverpool FC and her ultimate dream is to be on the receiving end of a hug from Jurgen Klopp. When she’s not watching or talking about soccer, Susannah is most likely listening to live music at her favorite dive bar. Or sleeping. 

We asked Susannah to give us five recommendations that they are enjoying right now.

First Aid Kit

I discovered this band over the summer when they opened for Lord Huron at Forest Hills Park and OMG, I haven’t been the same since. Two Swedish sisters with voices of angels, impeccable style, who also absolutely shred. Their latest album, Palomino, dropped in November and is straight fire, just banger after banger. The track Out of My Head is literal perfection.

Dirty Martinis

While last year was all about the espresso martini, I’ve recently returned to my long, lost lover, the dirty martini. I forgot how delicious and satisfying they are. I used to avoid gin like the plague because it would send me into an emotional tailspin but now as a responsible, functioning adult, the botanical elements mixed with the salty brine of olive juice is transcendent. I find a classic dry gin like Hayman’s or Boodles works best. And a blue cheese stuffed olive as garnish? The chef’s kiss.

Stuff You Missed In History Class Podcast

I am an unabashed history nerd and was tragically late to the game in discovering this podcast. It’s so good. I put this on in the car or when I’m on a long walk and I feel instantly smarter, more informed, and ready to take on Jeopardy. Such good storytelling. Who knew the invention of the raincoat was such a compelling tale?

Vehla Sunglasses

I discovered these when a makeup artist I follow on Instagram would post photos of herself in these fabulous shades and, god bless her, she actually responded to my desperate DM asking what brand they are. The answer? Vehla. The coolest, most comfortable yet effortlessly chic sunglasses around. They feel so good when they’re on. And make me feel like a rock star. Also they have this amazing instagram filter where you can virtually try on the different styles to see how they look on your face before you buy them. I have three pairs that are in constant rotation.

MIIR Coffee Mugs

My amazing man introduced me to these and I’m completely obsessed. They travel so well, keep my coffee impossibly hot (or cold!) for hours, they come in the prettiest colors, and to top it off, the company donates a portion of every single product they sell to fund projects that focus on clean water, a healthy environment, and strong communities.