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The Art of Pickleball

Skylark partnered with Total Sports to develop The Art of Pickleball (AOP), designed to be the most expansive resource for pickleball players and instructors in the world. The site features experienced pros and coaches from around the country who have won more than 80 Open, National and International championships, multiple Triple Crown Titles and over 10 Tournament of Champions trophies. The coaching team features multiple PPA and APP Tour players who are also IPTPA, PPR and IFP-certified instructors.

Skylark oversaw AOP’s content development and production for the platform, creating and managing the entire library of media rolled out ahead of launch.

Key tasks and deliverables included:

  • Managing all production and post-production
  • Integration of branding into content, including animation and motion graphics development
  • Hiring all production staff
  • Working with and booking talent
  • Overseeing development of content library and creating path to launch
  • Developing new content verticals within the AOP offering
  • Building marketing and promotional assets
  • Coordinating production days and live events