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Beckham Statue Prank

David Beckham is handsome. Really handsome. 

Sculpting a statue that matches Beck’s signature good looks and free kick style is a tall order. Thirteen feet and emblazoned in bronze, to be exact. What would happen if we botched the statue? We decided to bring in James Corden to prank David and find out.  

As part of a multi-faceted David Beckham statue project, the LA Galaxy worked with James Corden and the Late Late Show to put together a piece of content that would help tell the story of the newly sculpted Beckham Statue that was soon to be the signature piece of art at the front of Dignity Health Sports Park. 

The concept was pitched and discussed directly with James Corden. Once Beckham’s team was on board, the LA Galaxy, the Late Late Show and David Beckham’s support team worked to craft one of the most watched pranks in television history. All involved went at great lengths to construct a replica statue, off-kilter celebration video and a staged “statue unveiling” complete with actors and misnomers. The prank has been viewed over 42 million times on YouTube and was shared across millions of social platforms while garnering traditional media and engagement for the official statue unveiling.