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Skylark collaborated with Siete Foods to build and execute a campaign that would provide Siete with a meaningful and engaging introduction to the soccer space while helping the organization meet its goals of increasing sampling, consumer decision-making, and brand relevance locally and nationally.

Skylark facilitated Siete partnerships with clubs at the professional and elite youth levels as well as athletes to expand market share, grow revenue, and introduce the product to key target demographics. 

Skylark and Siete selected San Diego Wave FC as the first women’s professional soccer sponsorship for Siete Foods. In 2023, the Wave FC partnership provided key brand and community touchpoints in the San Diego market, helping to meet Siete’s sampling goals in Southern California. Siete served as the presenting sponsor for Wave FC’s Fan Fest at Snapdragon Stadium, playing a part at many of the highest-attended professional women’s soccer matches in the history of the sport in North America.

To increase market share in Los Angeles and Southern California, Siete partnered with Major League Soccer’s most renowned and successful club, the LA Galaxy. The partnership included in-game giveaways, in-stadium advertisements, Fan-Fest activation booth, and digital and social content. 

During the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, Skylark collaborated with Siete to launch the Local Legends campaign. As part of the initiative, Siete partnered with three U.S. Women’s National Team players (Naomi Girma, Ashley Sanchez, and Sofia Huerta) who embodied the Siete brand mission to host a series of viewing parties in each player’s hometown during the tournament. 

Siete supported the people who supported the USWNT stars by throwing them a huge party to celebrate their participation in the Women’s World Cup. Each viewing party was planned in collaboration with the players’ families and hosted at a restaurant selected by the players in their hometowns. Siete invited the players’ friends and family, youth coaches and neighbors along with local politicians and civic leaders.

Siete hosted over 200 friends, family members, and teammates at Local Legends Watch Parties, Over 450 news outlets picked up the Local Legends press release for a potential audience of millions. Major media outlets such as the LA Times, SF Chronicle, Telemundo, and the Sports Tribune covered the watch parties and spoke to the players’ family and friends as well as Siete representatives. The USWNT players posted multiple times about Siete and the Local Legends watch parties on their social media platforms.

The Campaign Included: 

  • Brand and Marketing Strategy
  • Grassroots Marketing
  • Player and Influencer Strategy and Management
  • Event Planning and Operations
  • PR Outreach and Communications Strategy
  • Talent Booking
  • Creative Development
  • Video and Photo Production