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Skylark and Siete Foods collaborated on a campaign to create an impactful activation during the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup in an effort to grow brand awareness and introduce Siete products to key target demographics.

Skylark led talent development for Siete with three U.S. Women’s National Team players who embodied the Siete brand mission. As part of the partnership, Siete hosted a series of viewing parties in each player’s hometown during the World Cup.

The three female athletes, Naomi Girma, Ashley Sanchez and Sofia Huerta all shared an empowering immigrant story that embodied Siete’s Juntos es Mejor values.

Through the Local Legends campaign, Siete supported the people that supported the three USA stars by throwing a huge party celebrating their participation in the Women’s World Cup. Each viewing party was planned in collaboration with the players’ families and hosted at a venue in the players’ hometown. Siete invited the players’ friends and family, youth coaches, neighbors along with local politicians, civic leaders and current teammates.

Each Local Legends event looked, felt and tasted like a Siete Backyard Asada with touches to make the feel equally like an authentic soccer watch party. Each venue was colorfully decorated and featured a menu crafted in collaboration with Siete’s culinary team. Guests at the events received a Local Legends t-shirt with each player’s last name and number, Siete foam fingers and a bespoke canvas tote bag stocked with Siete chips and cookies. Skylark collaborated with Siete to produce content from each Local Legends event including photo recaps, video recaps, player welcome videos and videos optimized for the athlete’s social media.

Through the Siete Foods Local Legends program, Siete was able to provide community giveback and increase goodwill across San Jose, Seattle and Southern California. Over 300 guests attended the events and generated millions of dollars in earned media value through social media and additional media hits.

Major media outlets showed up to cover the Siete Local Legends events. Outlets like the LA Times, SF Chronicle, Sports Business Journal, NBC/Telemundo and the Sports Tribune were present to cover the parties and talk to the players’ family and friends as well as the Siete representatives. In total, over 450 news outlets picked up the Local Legends campaign for a potential audience of tens of millions.

The campaign included:

  • Talent Booking

  • Player and Influencer Strategy and Management

  • Event Planning and Operations

  • PR Outreach and Communications Strategy

  • Creative Development

  • Brand Strategy

  • Video and Photo Production